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Why Catalysta Partners?

Over $1 Billion in Product Launches

Over 300 Sales Hires

18 SVP and Biz Dev Roles

Catalysta Partners is very connected within the healthcare market and has had tremendous success selling complex products over the past 20 years. Their hiring and process implementation model continually yields impressive results.

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The Catalysta Team

Mark McCurry

Mark McCurry

30 years executive management experience building large sales organizations

Michael Jongkind

Michael Jongkind

25 year serial entrepreneur and angel investor with executive management experience

Michael Parham

Michael Parham

Serial Entrepreneur, angel investor with 35 years executive management experience 

Fred Goldwater

Fred Goldwater

35 years executive manager with M&A and fund raising experience

Gary Austin

Gary Austin

20 years healthcare IT experience, M&A advisement

Tim Busche

Tim Busche

MBA (25 year marketing executive)

Kelly O. Smith

Kelly O. Smith

RN, MPH, (25 year clinical and marketing executive)

Our Story

With more than 80 years of sales and management experience, Catalysta Partners helps technology-based companies achieve their revenue objectives by coaching great people and using time tested process to achieve significant performance. Prior to forming Catalysta Partners in 1998, the partners were responsible for the launch of more than 10 different products spanning seven companies with cumulative revenues more than $1 billion.

Our value lies in our ability to get results. We have field-proven expertise in business strategy development and execution, selling, marketing, recruiting and executive management and coaching. Catalysta Partners has first-hand experience in leading successful start-ups, structuring public offerings, and managing acquisitions. We’ve held leadership roles in fast-growing, profitable technology-based firms including Founders, CEO, Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Marketing, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Managing Partner.

Whether you are launching a new product, enhancing your executive team or simply want to get your sales organization using a structured process to optimize and predict revenue, Catalysta Partners can help you with an approach that fits your specific needs.

Catalysta Staffing

Catalysta Partners has hired hundreds of sales people and executives and has the operational experience to determine the profile of candidates that can succeed in your environment.  Catalysta Partners also provides 3 months of executive coaching after the hire to ensure that the onboarding process is successful.  More than 40% of executives polled said they think their company does a poor job onboarding new salespeople.  We think that’s true and offer a solution that most recruiters can’t. Call us for a complimentary strategic assessment and we will demonstrate the Catalysta advantage. 

Catalysta Sales Playbook

How well is your company managing its sales pipeline? There is a direct correlation between revenue growth and a structured sales approach, yet 44% of executives think their organization is ineffective at managing their sales pipeline.

Catalysta Partners has implemented a structured sales approach for dozens of companies and has more than $1 billion in successful product launches.  We can assess and validate your processes and help you maximize your revenue growth.

Implementing sales processes and best practices takes effort but research shows it can increase your revenue by more than 30%.  Through our strategic sales assessment we will give you specific recommendations that can change your revenue outlook.  Call us today for a complimentary session.

Catalysta for Venture Companies

Due Diligence for New Investments/Round

  1. Determine Market Size and Competitive Landscape
  2. Determine Realistic Customer Acquisition and Revenue Targets
  3. Define Revenue Launch Strategies

Turn Arounds/Cast-offs

  1. Interim CEO or VP of Sales/Biz Dev
  2. Re-vamp sales and find new capital/buyer

Catalysta Partners jumped into a difficult situation on one of our portfolio companies and was able to implement a disciplined sales approach, greatly enhance the pipeline and find a strategic partner.

Catalysta for Product Launch

There are many reasons start-ups struggle with launching a new product or service, including:

  • Failure to understand the customers needs
  • Fixing a problem that does not exist
  • Targeting the wrong market
  • Incorrect pricing
  • Weak value proposition
  • Prolonged or delayed development
  • Poor execution

With more than $1 billion in product launches we have the experience to help you avoid costly mistakes.


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